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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2024-02-29 06:10:51Peewee1432 trollstickyclicker1 Week, 6 Days
css2024-02-27 05:31:22SwarfKayn1 Week
css2024-02-22 15:45:18kovka2 russky holyLife is a Bitch1 Week
css2024-02-21 19:29:56Tenshi Hinanawi2 Earth half of the team.Rushaway3 Weeks
css2024-02-19 19:42:58^ PARTA5 multiple trolls since monthsWeeeD1 Week, 6 Days
css2024-02-18 14:02:22forerunnerblocking vision on tyrannyKayn2 Weeks
css2024-02-16 16:08:21sosa3 Item misuseSTRiiKER1 Month
css2024-02-09 19:21:52isshiki^4 Using earth on chaos to trim teammateskoen1 Month
css2023-12-20 16:38:36Haider-samatrollingMidknight6 Months
css2023-12-09 18:18:53GeroinHistory of repeated trolling and not listening to leader.Midknight3 Months
css2023-11-24 15:40:01RxtrollingLife is a Bitch12 Months
css2023-11-19 18:39:47SlaterRTrolling on purpose.RushawayPermanent
css2023-10-23 14:46:23HAIRYNIGGABALLSchange account please. avoiderLife is a BitchPermanent
css2023-10-23 14:34:07rnzAvoiding ebanRushawayDevPermanent
css2023-09-18 18:22:38tundraEban EvadingSTRiiKERPermanent
css2023-08-09 16:05:38seleniaItem misuseHAPermanent
css2023-07-25 19:26:54probItem misuseHAPermanent
css2023-07-25 19:04:51prifeItem misuseHAPermanent
css2023-07-03 20:00:58heechan194monkeyHobbittenPermanent