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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2023-09-26 02:53:34robbi6 wasting item when it might have saved roundstickyclicker1 Day
css2023-09-23 15:26:13chess expert15 Item TrollMaradox2 Weeks
css2023-09-22 14:19:04Haider-sama41 Trolling on purposeSTRiiKER1 Month
css2023-09-21 17:40:13valera228[RUS]5 zend avoiding ebanLife is a Bitch1 Week
css2023-09-18 18:22:38tundra3 Eban EvadingSTRiiKERPermanent
css2023-09-18 09:28:52isshiki 54 next account pleaseLife is a Bitch2 Months
css2023-09-18 09:28:28isshiki (number 8)2 avoidingLife is a Bitch2 Months
css2023-09-18 09:27:57isshiki (account 10)5 avoidingLife is a Bitch2 Months
css2023-09-15 17:55:59friezi20 Trimming teamLife is a Bitch1 Month
css2023-09-14 07:50:3900Avoiding eban and banLife is a Bitch2 Months
css2023-08-30 16:35:18Hyk16 Trolling on purposeAdmin Deleted3 Months
css2023-08-30 07:00:50Mr. Christopher8 troll during event, do not reducestickyclicker1 Month
css2023-08-28 14:26:30imma8 Trolling on purposeSTRiiKER1 Month
css2023-08-09 16:05:38selenia2 Item misuseHAPermanent
css2023-07-25 20:06:40felias7 trollRognus3 Months
css2023-07-25 19:26:54probItem misuseHAPermanent
css2023-07-25 19:04:51prife2 Item misuseHAPermanent
css2023-07-25 19:02:19d U B B s T e Z x 32 heechans altHA12 Months
css2023-07-03 20:00:58heechan19438 monkeyHobbittenPermanent