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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2024-07-21 19:11:55noahkbautistaItem misuseSTRiiKER1 Day
css2024-07-20 17:25:21You2 erfing teammatessito1 Week
css2024-07-20 15:09:36Stary2 saving bio to trim the teamsito1 Week
css2024-07-19 17:25:11Pathos6 blocking vision with grav (Increase to 3 months)sito3 Months
css2024-07-19 14:47:30brbSafeguardMidknight12 Months
css2024-07-18 04:26:22Acid [DK]Item misuse - killed team on last stage at last holdstickyclicker2 Weeks
css2024-07-17 20:06:27aaa mohmmued2 blocking vision with erf + not using healsito1 Week
css2024-07-17 03:13:22neroo5 trolling with healsito1 Week
css2024-07-17 03:00:52Verdessence2 jump electrosito1 Week
css2024-07-09 19:12:16Tamako4 electro yekAdmin Deleted1 Month
css2024-06-26 15:13:32SlaterR2 Item misuseLISCRO1 Month
css2024-06-04 17:25:40Maso7 Item misuseAdmin Deleted2 Months
css2024-05-31 09:48:12El negro2 Not using item and Item misuse multiple times (Alt account)Starlight-Dash2 Months
css2024-04-19 23:32:31Geroin-Fest]--[|||||]----Item misuseAdmin Deleted6 Months
css2024-04-18 21:14:28Geroin-Fest]--[|||||]----11 Cading teammates several times on minas - Stacked punishmentsito6 Months
css2024-03-22 04:28:38Zeo Alt (edit Rushaway)2 Griefing with items on purposeKaynPermanent
css2024-03-13 21:08:33chicharito (zeo)Trolling on purpose.RushawayPermanent
css2024-03-04 05:45:28zeo2 Griefing with items on purposestickyclicker12 Months
css2023-11-24 15:40:01RxtrollingLife is a Bitch12 Months
css2023-10-23 14:46:23HAIRYNIGGABALLSchange account please. avoiderLife is a BitchPermanent