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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2023-09-26 02:53:34robbi6 wasting item when it might have saved roundstickyclicker1 Day
css2023-09-25 15:45:56Fast PonyTrolling on purposeCreepy8 Hours, 20 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-25 14:22:08gavi3 Trolling on purposeYumica11 Hours, 59 Minutes (Removed)
css2023-09-24 18:44:51535'Deluxe2 Item misuseHOBGOBLIN1 Hour (Expired)
css2023-09-24 18:20:33barsottiniItem misuseHOBGOBLIN2 Hours (Expired)
css2023-09-24 15:46:06LokiItem misuseSTRiiKER8 Hours, 20 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-24 14:40:14kir3 trolling multiple timesYumica11 Hours, 59 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-23 21:29:54NakituMinayashi3 Item misuseilyasota1 Hour (Expired)
css2023-09-23 15:26:13chess expert15 Item TrollMaradox2 Weeks
css2023-09-23 15:14:01grave29 Trolling on purposeKeep it real10 Hours (Expired)
css2023-09-23 14:02:44Harraga29 Not using an itemCreepy10 Hours (Removed)
css2023-09-23 12:12:36Mr.SmygoledogYumica11 Hours, 59 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-22 18:52:48ilyasota3 Item misuseilyasota1 Hour (Removed)
css2023-09-22 14:32:0721 Pika36 Boosting with itemslewis1230945 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-22 14:19:04Haider-sama41 Trolling on purposeSTRiiKER1 Month
css2023-09-21 23:47:33sesesmisuse of itemsBatata1 Hour (Expired)
css2023-09-21 17:50:32Dorayaki2 Item misuseLife is a Bitch1 Week (Removed)
css2023-09-21 17:40:13valera228[RUS]5 zend avoiding ebanLife is a Bitch1 Week
css2023-09-21 16:35:54zend6 Item misuseLife is a Bitch3 Days (Expired)
css2023-09-20 21:00:33Georgegoingilyasota30 Minutes (Expired)