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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2024-02-22 19:10:30.RushawayNot using an item.Rushaway5 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-02-22 15:45:18kovka2 russky holyLife is a Bitch1 Week
css2024-02-22 02:41:50flexbad item ussage - intentional trollHobbitten1 Week (Expired)
css2024-02-21 19:29:56Tenshi Hinanawi2 Earth half of the team.Rushaway3 Weeks
css2024-02-21 07:00:33BoBoAuRhumBad use heal( ammo) | Not listening LeaderStarlight-Dash30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-02-21 05:33:12cssrepeated trollstickyclicker1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-21 05:32:10T-RodTrimming Team (Troll before get human win)Starlight-Dash2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-02-19 19:42:58^ PARTA5 multiple trolls since monthsWeeeD1 Week, 6 Days
css2024-02-19 03:47:22Goku3 trollstickyclicker1 Day (Removed)
css2024-02-18 19:47:27AnnoSalt2 Item misuseSTRiiKER2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-02-18 19:44:36SollozzoItem misuseSTRiiKER1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-02-18 14:10:46Magicitem misuseKayn1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-18 14:02:22forerunnerblocking vision on tyrannyKayn2 Weeks
css2024-02-18 13:33:07Sunshineitem misuseKayn2 Days (Expired)
css2024-02-17 14:58:07Crimson3 trolling with healKayn2 Days (Expired)
css2024-02-17 13:50:35[Vip]Ghostnoob healRubyRose1 Hour (Expired)
css2024-02-16 22:12:23hbjItem misuseSTRiiKER1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-16 16:08:21sosa3 Item misuseSTRiiKER1 Month
css2024-02-16 16:07:57sosa3 Item misuseSTRiiKER1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-02-16 15:43:5821 Pika4 Item misuseseal4 Minutes (Removed)