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Expired Eban

  Total Ebans: 175

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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2024-02-29 07:07:50No nickname presentmisusestickyclicker30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-02-29 00:10:57Epinephrine3 item misuseKayn1 Day (Removed)
css2024-02-28 04:26:21EnesKNmisusestickyclicker1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-28 03:44:39KYRGYZmisuseKayn1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-02-26 01:15:16AnnoSalt2 boost attemptRubyRose1 Hour (Removed)
css2024-02-25 21:23:05bunnyItem misuseWaitingBacon1 Hour (Expired)
css2024-02-25 04:02:20[UZB] * ZEU$item misuseKayn1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-24 20:16:17bomecitem misuseKayn1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-24 20:06:39No nickname present2 item misuseKayn1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-24 20:05:26No nickname present2 1440 item misuseKayn1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-02-24 20:05:07ao ATOHE!item misuseKayn1 Day (Expired)
css2024-02-24 12:54:33maku2 WeeeD2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-02-24 12:48:42maku2 Item misuseWeeeD2 Hours (Removed)
css2024-02-24 08:16:17ransmi2 trolling with immunizerKayn2 Days (Removed)
css2024-02-23 21:58:39BORAT SAGDIEV2 boostRubyRose1 Hour (Removed)
css2024-02-23 17:15:17Life is a Bitchboss askingLife is a Bitch1 Minute (Expired)
css2024-02-23 03:28:46Gamer ^.^Item misuseLardy30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-02-23 02:50:25_BigodinhoO_Item misuseLardy1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-02-22 19:10:30.RushawayNot using an item.Rushaway5 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-02-22 02:41:50flexbad item ussage - intentional trollHobbitten1 Week (Expired)