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Expired Eban

  Total Ebans: 641

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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2024-06-16 07:05:36AURUSItem misuseHobbitten2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-16 06:40:31Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatat2 Item misuseHobbitten1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-06-16 03:50:56Parafiakdropping itemHobbitten2 Hours (Removed)
css2024-06-16 03:34:25KYRGYZ2 bad item userHobbitten2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-16 02:58:12SkullItem misuseLardy1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-06-14 14:24:18Indianapolis3 misuse itemGh0sTy1 Day (Expired)
css2024-06-12 15:34:39Fius7 idiotMidknight1 Day (Removed)
css2024-06-12 04:53:32Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatat2 not using itemHobbitten2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-12 03:07:42ScreCnoKORNtrollstickyclicker3 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-11 19:35:13a.?3 Item misuseStarlight-Dash30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-06-11 12:45:20ShiraYek.Rushaway15 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-06-11 12:21:45Rz_ Negan3 Item misuse (Pick Last Medalion and no trigger cause lose round)Starlight-Dash1 Day (Expired)
css2024-06-11 02:20:25Zcardiantotrollstickyclicker3 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-10 19:33:33maradox2 Item misuseSTRiiKER1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Removed)
css2024-06-10 19:28:21Smileymf2 trollingThomas1 Hour (Expired)
css2024-06-09 18:33:04 GG FeeeLeet Not using itemSTRiiKER8 Hours, 20 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-06-08 22:28:31Iterwasting sacred despite warnings by many pplMidknight18 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-08 20:10:13GLORY7 Item misuseWeeeD1 Day (Expired)
css2024-06-08 19:48:50George2 Item misuseWeeeD2 Hours (Removed)
css2024-06-08 15:21:22friezi10 by own request for trim...?Midknight1 Week (Expired)