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Expired Eban

  Total Ebans: 4715

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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2023-09-19 03:50:41unknown3 multiple item trollsstickyclicker1 Day (Expired)
css2023-09-18 21:42:01loloo2 Item misuseHA11 Hours, 40 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-18 20:25:04Rex14 retardWaitingBaconPermanent (Removed)
css2023-09-18 20:24:49Fius11 Trolling on purposeSTRiiKER2 Hours (Expired)
css2023-09-18 18:50:59____Item misuseSTRiiKER8 Hours, 20 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-17 23:31:54ruo3 trollilyasota1 Hour (Expired)
css2023-09-17 23:19:16ilyasota3 badilyasota1 Hour (Removed)
css2023-09-17 14:16:31Nyx2 Item misuse.Rushaway45 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-16 21:37:16Sayten36 item TrollMaradox1 Day (Expired)
css2023-09-16 18:07:16MracItem misuseSTRiiKER1 Day (Expired)
css2023-09-16 06:15:19Erwi1822Item misuseStarlight-Dash1 Hour (Expired)
css2023-09-16 02:16:22Crowrejoiins with itemHobbitten2 Hours (Expired)
css2023-09-15 17:45:18[S] [H] [A] [D] [O] [W]18 Item misuseMaradox1 Hour (Expired)
css2023-09-15 17:41:20savicTrimming teamMaradox1 Week (Expired)
css2023-09-14 18:28:43GOT'EM3 Item MisuseMaradox1 Day (Expired)
css2023-09-14 18:28:27GOT'EM3 EMMaradoxPermanent (Removed)
css2023-09-14 16:58:51^ PARTA *_*23 Item MisuseMaradox12 Hours (Expired)
css2023-09-14 16:02:59No nickname presentdropping darkYumica30 Minutes (Expired)
css2023-09-14 15:56:25GOGOGOItem misuseCreepy2 Hours (Expired)
css2023-09-14 01:39:34^ PARTA *_*23 trollHOBGOBLIN4 Hours (Expired)