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Expired Eban

  Total Ebans: 641

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Game Date Player Reason Admin Duration
css2024-06-08 15:20:55GLORY7 trollWeeeD1 Day (Removed)
css2024-06-08 15:10:53GLORY7 trollWeeeD1 Week (Removed)
css2024-06-08 15:09:56GLORY7 trollingWeeeD1 Day (Removed)
css2024-06-08 15:07:52smoovy3 trimming with earthsito1 Week (Expired)
css2024-06-07 14:52:18Gianluigi BuffonItem misuseWeeeD2 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-06 14:57:24FIHAN2 Item misuseLife is a Bitch8 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-05 20:47:43P1xeLeThrowing item awayMidknight1 Day (Expired)
css2024-06-05 15:19:21Sayten7 monkey healWeeeD1 Week (Removed)
css2024-06-05 13:44:22The Girl With the Tattoo7 saving heal to trim the teamsito1 Week (Expired)
css2024-06-05 01:33:38Grandpa VoivodeItem misuseLardy1 Hour, 30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-06-04 17:29:09sinsok2 Item misuseWeeeD1 Day (Expired)
css2024-06-04 14:15:12Moonlight4 Item misuseWeeeD1 Week (Expired)
css2024-06-04 03:33:05Diego Maradona2 if you take item pls use itstickyclicker30 Minutes (Expired)
css2024-06-03 17:47:20NoRiskItem misuseWeeeD1 Week (Expired)
css2024-06-03 17:37:01Vival2 using electro on lasers - westersandsito1 Week (Expired)
css2024-06-03 13:56:36Jeffrey Epsteinnot using healsito6 Hours (Expired)
css2024-06-01 14:46:47djinnz5 Item misusepl poipoi1 Hour (Expired)
css2024-06-01 08:16:43JuampyRod5Item misuseWaitingBacon1 Hour (Expired)
css2024-06-01 08:05:30[UZB] * ZEU$3 item misusekoen1 Week (Expired)
css2024-05-31 15:43:41nonametrolling with erfWeeeD1 Week (Expired)